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PLEASE remember to bring your calendar with you if you come out to a show so you can get an extra discount on up to 10 hands-on organizing appointments!

Organized! by Romanic® rents a space at several different shows throughout the year to give ALL clients (potential, new, & returning) a chance to talk with the organizer in person AND an opportunity to save on the labor on up to ten 6-hour hands-on organizing appointments that they book in person at a show. The catch is that clients must keep the appointments on the dates as scheduled at the show to get the discount. (If a client schedules 10 appointments and later needs to re-schedule 1 appointment, then they still get the discount on the 9 appointments they were able to keep as scheduled. They only lose the discount on the 1 appointment that they re-scheduled.) Organized! by Romanic® offers these savings opportunities because it is much easier to plug a client in every other Tuesday (for example) and be able to count on that client to keep their appointment because they have a financial incentive for doing so than it is to count on a disorganized person remembering that we had an appointment and actually being there when I call to tell them I am on my way.

Whether it is just a table at a 1-day show or a 10’ × 10’ booth at a multi-day show, Organized! by Romanic® creates an inviting space where people can come in, sit down for a few minutes, and talk with her in as much privacy as possible during a busy show. The two booths above are similar to what you are likely to see if you stop by. If Organized! by Romanic® is not in the booth when you get there, please leave a note in the booth so that I know you were there, and I will call you to schedule your appointments.

There are people who come back to the same shows year after year. They stop in to tell me about their progress (or lack thereof) on tackling the clutter in their homes. I really enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories. Because Organized! by Romanic® works with people who are feeling stressed about some area of their home, Organized! by Romanic® wants people to be able to meet me out in a safe space where they can stop by and chat and reveal as much or as little as they like about their situation. If you love someone who hoards, please do see if they will come in and say hello to me, but do not embarrass them by telling me about their hoarding. Organized! by Romanic® is all about respect. If you stop by my booth and see someone sitting there talking quietly, I will try to make eye contact with you and excuse myself from them momentarily to greet you. I am there to meet as many people as possible, but sometimes someone comes in and literally cries when they realize there is help available either for themselves or someone they love. If you see that, and I can’t get away, please just stop in and pick up the handouts. That usually gives a person who has gotten emotional a moment to get him or her self together enough for me to greet you and for both of you to get your questions answered and any appointments you might want to make scheduled. Please do bring your calendar with you if you want to schedule appointments!

Organized! by Romanic® has stayed in business since March 2000 simply by knowing that people will call when they are ready emotionally and financially to get the mess in their home cleaned up. There is a 6-month to 2-year lag between the time someone first finds my info at a show and then actually makes the commitment to have their initial consultation. Getting Organized! by Romanic® is a process, it takes time to learn new skills and change old ways. Organized! by Romanic® does not insist that anything that belongs to a client has to go. Organized! by Romanic® knows that even if a client sees “possibilities” in an object, that the client also sees the “realities” in an object. Clients go through a huge emotional journey, similar to the stages of grieving, when they really commit to changing the way they live in their own homes. Most clients do not expect the wild mix of emotions they go through in that first hands-on organizing visit. People reflect, remember, and relinquish when they see things they haven’t seen in many years. Clients usually feel exhausted at the end of their visit with Organized! by Romanic® even though Organized! by Romanic® did almost all of the labor. It just isn’t easy to invite a stranger into your home to go through your sock drawer! Organized! by Romanic® is well aware that clients are feeling very vulnerable when we first get started. This feeling of vulnerability gradually changes to one of pride in one’s accomplishments. If clients stick with it to the end, they come out with a clean, functional space of which they can feel very proud.