Seven-year-old girl’s room

Bedroom closet plan sketch

Organized! by Romanic® started this room before the family had completely moved into their new home. Organized! by Romanic® advised the parents on how to create a room for their 7-year-old daughter that would serve her well right through her college years so that they would not have to buy furniture more than once for their daughter.

Adjustable closet organizing system lasts through college

Organized! by Romanic® used space planning techniques to create the easily adjustable custom closet. As the 7-year-old grows up, the family can easily raise, lower, add, or remove parts of the closet so their daughter’s closet will change to accommodate the changes in her clothing and shoes. The teal hangers are special child-sized hangers, and they are the only part of this room that this 7-year-old will out grow before she is old enough to move out into her own home.

LED lights under the lofted bed: nice touch

We opted for strings of LED lights on a timer to create some bedtime ambiance.

Forget buying new bedroom furniture every 3-5 years

Most parents will re-do a child’s room, including buying new furniture, every 3 to 5 years as their child grows. Other than re-painting to change colors and adding adult-size clothes hangers, these parents will never have to spend more money on their daughter’s bedroom.

Organized girl’s room offers excellent long-term value

This Organized! by Romanic® little girl’s room cost more up front but will more than pay for itself as the child grows up.