Client comments

Letters of recommendation

Vanessa Hughes of the Howard County Office on Aging (part of the County Department of Citizen Services) recently wrote this glowing letter recognizing Professional Organizer Susan Romanic’s valuable work that helped a client conquer clutter and avoid eviction. Read the full letter here.

Bunny Mosley of Valley Baptist Church wrote to express gratitude for Susan Romanic’s group presentation to help seniors de-clutter. Here is the full text.

Notes from satisfied clients

“Thanks for enabling me to have a wonderful Thanksgiving in my house with my family.  The last several years (prior to last year) have seen me very depressed.  I don’t know exactly where or when the change started but I do know that you played a very big part in it.  Once I hired you to make sense of my mess and make at least part of the house usable, the change began to take place.  I still have a long way to go but now it is doable.  I managed to make the living room and kitchen usable and my family came down for Thanksgiving.  Because you made the front 2 bedrooms usable my family had a place to sleep.  I worked hard on the living room and kitchen and there was room for every one to enjoy each other’s company.  This would never receive the Good Housekeeping seal of approval but It passed family inspection and was deemed acceptable.  I am filled with Joy and Gratitude.  Thank you so much.”
— Vicki 2014

“Sue, you saved me again! It was about 14 years ago when you first came to my home and sorted me out from top to bottom (top level of my home to the bottom. LOL) Over the years, things starting creeping back in. I appreciate you coming to save me again last month when I needed you in hurry. You made time in your schedule to help me sort through a room of ‘stuff”  (I like the word ‘stuff’ better than clutter. LOL), to accommodate new house guests.  I was quite glad to hear you say that I have definitely improved, and that things were not as bad as I stressed them to be. 🙂 Thankfully, the organization in my den is great. The shelving units you installed are wonderful and so far … things are going ok with the houseguests. 🙂    You are amazing and I truly thank you. May GOD continue to bless you and your business.”
— Lisa 2000 & 2014

“When faced with the daunting tasking of moving my household myself I reached out to Sue for help. Thank goodness as the skills and knowledge Sue has honed over the years in both organizing and cleaning proved invaluable to me in terms of stress and saving time. Money very well-spent in retaining Sue for help with my move during a critical, high-stress time.”
— Sean 2014

“Our experience with Sue Romanic was a very happy and fruitful one. Sue understands the challenges for people who have collected many things throughout the years and now find themselves with spaces in the home or garage that are not functioning as they should. She is kind, sensitive, intelligent and a master at organizing any space. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve living. We both feel a burden has been lifted!”
— Jane and Steve 2014 (Eastern Shore MD)

“Sue, you are an angel!!! As I recover from my hospital stay, I am thankful for all your help! May blessings abound for you.”
— Sherry 2014

[This client was doing really well at dismantling her hoard with me, but when I texted her before going to her home to work, I got an auto-reply. When I arrived, she didn’t answer the door, the mail was sticking out of her mailbox, and her car window was broken. I called 9-1-1, and while I was sitting on her front steps waiting for the police to arrive, Sherry called to tell me that she had been admitted to the hospital with chest pains. I taped a trash bag over her broken car window, obtained a police report number for her, and stopped by the hospital to give her the mail — all at no charge — because I was just so relieved to know she had not passed away in her hoard. Research shows that 25% of all people who hoard die in their hoard from a treatable medical emergency or from a fire in their home. Sherry sent me this message the day she got home from the hospital. If this had happened just a few months ago, Sherry might not be here. When we started, Sherry could not open the front door all the way, there was no clear-to-the-floor path through the hoard, and no rescue worker would have been able to get her out of there. By the time this happened, all but one room on the first floor had been completely cleaned up. Sherry made the decision to stop hoarding several months ago, and getting rid of about 1/2 of her hoard has already saved her life, not to mention improved her spirits. No one needs to live or die in a hoard. There is compassionate help available if you just find the courage to reach out for it.]

“Dear Susan,
I can’t thank you enough for the help you’ve given me over the years! I’ve worked with another organizer and she pales beside you. From our first visit 12 years ago when, after my husband’s death, you so care-fully and professionally helped me find good homes for his things, through the move from that house into current house and all the organizing that entailed, right up to the present “maintenance” organizing, I always know that I will feel a HUGE relief when you leave, knowing everything is in order and I can move forward with more ease. And you make it fun. You are an angel amongst us!”
Judy [Written in 2014, but we met in 2002!]

“Sue Romanic came to help me organize my art studio and solve some storage issues with my condo. What makes Sue stand out above most organizers is her ability to not only assess the needs of her client and to come up with a viable plan of attack, but also the gentle way she leads you through the process from start to finish. There is no judgement, just action with a willingness to roll up her sleeves and dive in right next to you until the job is complete. She is professional, kind, and diligent. All qualities that I would highly recommend when searching for someone you can trust with your space. Its not always an easy task to ask for outside help for fear of judgement, but if you need it, Sue’s your woman.”
— Katrina 2013 & 2014 (Artist & Teacher)

“Sue has helped us with several projects after we moved into a our new home.   She organized both of my children’s (ages 4 and 6) bedrooms – including assembling a wood loft bed and installing custom closet organizers in each room.   Sue really has a knack for understanding how to organize a child’s room and did a great job with the little finishing touches — like adding lights underneath the loft bed and mirrors behind the door.  Sue is also very helpful and understanding.  She comes up with practical solutions that you can live with.   I definitely recommend her services; just give her a call — you’ll be glad you did!”
— Cheryl 2013

“What you do lasts; it changed our lives! Cory’s room is just the way you left it last summer, and he did better in school this year because he had a place to study. My laundry room really works; the clothing isn’t piled in the livingroom anymore!”
— Deedra 2001 (single mother of 2 boys)

“This isn’t just a business for you; it’s a calling! You never make me feel bad about the big mess in here.”
— Dorothy 2004 (recent retiree downsizing to sell home)

“This move would not have happened if it had not been for you. You were always there, reliable, dependable, caring, working harder than anyone else without ever a complaint.”
— Suzan 2001 (moved Mom to assisted living in MD, and then moved her own family from NY back to MD to be near Mom)

“Thanks for being my and their eyes and ears, hands and feet, head and heart.”
— David 2000 (adult child living in NM; moved Mom and Dad to MD assisted living; I watch MD house.)