Pantry under the stairs

When Organized! by Romanic® first saw this “pantry” she was sure she could more than quadruple the useable space under these steps. Organized! by Romanic® tried to explain her vision to the client, and the client said, “I’ve seen your work! You have a gift, and I trust you. Just do what you think is best.”

Redistributing kitchen items relieves cookware gridlock

Organized! by Romanic® first went through the kitchen cupboards to figure out what kind of custom storage solutions this mom needed in her pantry so she could make better use of the space in her kitchen cupboards by moving some items to the pantry. Organized! by Romanic® used space-planning techniques to maximize the food storage space under these stairs. With several cupboard items moved to the fully organized pantry, the kitchen cupboards aren’t congested anymore.