What to do with garage clutter

Clutter impairs garage function

When challenged with the task of organizing a cluttered garage, many homeowners don’t know where to begin.

Organized! by Romanic® has cleaned out countless garages over the years. Being a gardener, having a father who restored antique cars, completing years of both metal shop and wood shop classes in high school, volunteering at the local farm museum, and growing up in 4-H are just some of the life experiences that shaped the Organized! by Romanic® approach to organizing. Organized! by Romanic® knows her way around the various household, automotive, lawncare, gardening tools, machines, and chemicals that most people have in their garages.

Selling and donating unneeded items

When it’s time to downsize tools and equipment, Organized! by Romanic® can list items for sale online or help find a collector/museum in search of old tools, parts, and equipment.