Three-year-old boy’s room

Organized child's bedroom

Organized! by Romanic® started this room before the family had completely moved from their old home into this home. Organized! by Romanic® advised the parents on how to create a room for their 3-year-old son that would safely serve him well right through his college years so that they would not have to buy furniture more than once for their son. We located a company that makes assemble-on-site customizable higher-end solid wood loft beds sturdy enough to last through college.

Customized loft bed for 3-yr-old

There are similarly styled loft beds available for a lot less money, but they will not last 20 years like this one will. Organized! by Romanic® special ordered the handles for the ladder because 3-year-old hands were too small to safely grasp the wood ladder. The loft was installed over 12 inches lower than it can be installed so that it meets safety codes for protecting a 3-year-old. Extra bed rails were installed so that if the child were to try to jump on the lower loft, he cannot fall off.

Check out the LED lights beneath the lofted bed!

Fun finishing touches: we added LED strings on a timer for bedtime mood lighting.

Organized closet for child’s bedroom

Organized! by Romanic® used space planning techniques to create the easily adjustable custom closet. As the 3-year-old grows up, the family can easily raise, lower, add, or remove parts of the closet so their son’s closet will change to accommodate the changes in his clothing and shoes. The green hangers are special child-sized hangers, and they are the only part of this room that this 3-year-old will out grow before he is old enough to move out into his own home.