Spice cabinet and former roach motel

Spices over sink or range? Don’t do it.

Organized! by Romanic® does not recommend storing spices in the small cabinet over the sink or stove because most spices are leaves and seeds. Moisture plus heat plus leaves and seeds equals compost. Spices decay over time and need to be replaced at least once a year. Organized! by Romanic® likes to replace all the spices just before the Thanksgiving cooking begins. Unless you can use it all in one year or less, don’t buy the large spice containers found in large warehouse stores.

Bait traps can make infestations worse

Professional exterminators say to not use ant or roach bait-style traps in your home. These bait-style traps draw ants and/or roaches into your home, and once inside, the insects feed on everything — not just the little bait traps. Ants and roaches reproduce very quickly, and you can have a huge infestation in a matter of weeks. This homeowner thought putting roach bait traps in her cupboards would kill the roaches, but all it did was draw them in to feast in her kitchen.

Residue from canned goods? Use turntables!

Use turntables in your cupboards to bring the cans hiding on the back half of the shelf up to the front where you can see and use them before they expire. This is especially important with tomato products in metal cans. It doesn’t take long for the acid in tomatoes to eat through a metal can, which leaves a nasty black mess on your shelf. If your family can’t eat all the food in your house in a month, you probably have too much food in your house.

Getting it clean and keeping it clean

Organized! by Romanic® likes to help people organize their kitchens. Following basic kitchen organization guidelines will make cooking in even the smallest kitchen a pleasure. Just as important are kitchen maintenance skills, like wiping up a spill immediately to prevent dried, caked-on food messes later. Organized! by Romanic® removes all cupboard contents, then cleans and disinfects the cupboard before putting anything back into a cupboard.