Follow-up consultation

Drawing of organizing plan for garageOrganized garage

Organized! by Romanic® does not do any hands-on organizing during a follow-up consult, but a follow-up consult is a way for clients with limited budgets to get more detailed help on a specific area of their home after they have already completed their initial consult. A follow-up consult lasts approximately 2 hours, and costs $250. During that time Organized! by Romanic® will give clients detailed directions on how to organize a specific room or area. Organized! by Romanic® is very good at space planning, that is, arranging the items in the room to significantly improve the functioning of the room.

One client called when she was single and had just purchased a newly built home. Organized! by Romanic® provided sketches of what the inside of each closet should look like to provide the best functioning. Ten years later, this same client called again, because she was now married with children and her house was a mess. Organized! by Romanic® was thrilled to see that her husband had used the sketches from Organized! by Romanic® to install all of the customized closet shelving, and it was working just fine. The problem was that over the 10 years, the couple had accumulated a volume of stuff that was too large for their storage space.

Another client described her home as “constipated.” She said, “Stuff comes in and goes down to the basement but nothing ever comes out!” She wanted help with planning a system of shelving and bins that was tailored to the needs of her family. Spending $250 on a consult to get exactly what will work for you is a lot less expensive in the long run than the make-do solutions that many people try for years. This is because purchasing the right system for you and your space makes the space attractive, and attractive spaces feel better to us than cluttered spaces.

Clients who were hoarding and who have completed the hands-on organizing process can backslide a bit if there is a big change in their life such as a death, a marriage, a divorce, a job change, etc. Organized! by Romanic® is always available for a day of hands-on organizing to just whip the space back into shape again, but if a client who is recovering from hoarding wants to do it on their own but isn’t quite sure what to do, where to start, etc., then Organized! by Romanic® will coach them through it. Having a background in education is helpful in working with people who hoard because maintaining a home requires a set of basic skills that are only taught as pre-reading skills. People who hoard sometimes really don’t know the skills that other folks consider, “common sense.” Organized! by Romanic® is more than willing to design and teach custom home maintenance strategies for these clients so that they can get back on track with maintaining their home.