Reach-in storage closet

Old-style fixed position wire shelving

This Organized! by Romanic® client was stacking her stuff in bins below the old-style un-moveable wire shelving. At first, this client resisted the suggestion that Organized! by Romanic® made to re-use her present wire shelf and make it adjustable in height as well as add additional adjustable height shelves in her storage closet.

Adjustable shelving system adds functionality

She was convinced she would be losing space if additional shelves were added. It took a while for her to see that the increased functionality and ease of access in being able to simply pull the bin she wanted off a shelf far outweighed the small loss of space.

The right shelving system means faster access

After we filled the shelves, the client was just amazed at how adding these shelves made her life so much easier because she no longer had to stack and unstack all those bins to get to the one she wanted. She was delighted to find herself using her storage closet properly instead of just throwing stuff inside and shutting the door.