Foyer: sketch, during, done

Sketching a plan for foyer organizing

No matter how much clutter is in a home, Organized! by Romanic® sees the space in its finished, functional, organized state and then tries to help clients see their home through her eyes, and sometimes needs to draw a quick sketch to do so. Once this busy married mom saw this sketch, she asked, “Can you make that happen here?” Organized! by Romanic® assured her that it was indeed possible.

Adding custom items to foyer

The wood holding the hooks in the foyer was recycled from a closet in an upstairs bedroom. Organized! by Romanic® did all the shopping and chose all the organizing structure to make sure that it fit in the space and provided the functionality this busy family needed in their new foyer.

Organized foyer is functional

When this young couple bought a town house, they wisely asked Organized! by Romanic® to come do a consult before they moved anything at all into their new home. Organized! by Romanic® gave them idea sketches right on photos of various areas of their home, including this foyer.

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