Initial Consult — required for all new clients

Badly cluttered room
Room free from clutter

Organized! by Romanic® requires all new clients to complete an initial consult, but please don’t clean up the clutter before this appointment because the professional organizer needs to see the way it really is to be able to help you effectively. The initial consult appointment lasts approximately 2 hours and there is a flat fee of $250 for the consult. Together, we walk through the entire home, and the organizer tells the client what changes might be helpful and gives the client a customized solution for their storage struggle. Sometimes clients are nervous and try to tell the organizer why they have organized their home the way they have, but that takes up valuable time and does not give the organizer a chance to give clients the advice for which they are paying.

Organized! by Romanic® does not peddle any product lines and has no incentive for recommending one product over another other than providing the best possible solution for each client. Some clients get all the info they need and are able to do the organizing on their own after their initial consult: Other clients cannot or do not want to do the hands-on organizing so part of the initial consult is used to create a game plan for tackling the hands-on organizing.

Organized! by Romanic® strongly prefers to schedule the initial consult on a date different from and prior to any hands-on organizing. This is because while walking through client homes, Organized! by Romanic® is making a mental note of what supplies need to be brought to the job site and what kind of safety gear may be required. For example, some times Organized! by Romanic® wears shoe protectors to protect client floors: Other times, Organized! by Romanic® wears shoe protectors to protect the professional organizer’s shoes.

Because every client and every home is unique, Organized! by Romanic® creates a custom solution for each client. Many times as we walk through the home, professional organizer Sue Romanic will spot the solution in one room to a storage problem in another room. Many clients have plenty of organizing bins, boxes and baskets; they simply are not using them effectively.

Clients who are considering a closet upgrade or a kitchen or bath remodel, should mention this during the initial consultation, Organized! by Romanic® has been in countless homes after the client has already spent a lot of money on a new kitchen, closet, or bath but still is not able to put away all their belongings. An organizing consult prior to meeting with the closet, bath, or kitchen designer can save clients a lot of money in the long run. During the initial consult at no additional cost, Organized! by Romanic® will supply a quick sketch that a client can then share with the designer. Organized! by Romanic® is focused on making a space for all of your stuff, the designer is focused more on creating a beautiful design based on the product lines they offer. Organized! by Romanic® does not represent or sell any products and therefore is not limited to a single product line when creating a custom solution for you.

If a client wants to schedule hands-on organizing, the client will have to say so. Organized! by Romanic® does not pressure initial consult clients to make hands-on organizing appointments. However, if a client does schedule hands-on organizing, on a new client’s first day of hands-on organizing, at the end of the first 6 hours, Organized! by Romanic® works an additional 2 hours at no cost to the client. That’s Right! New Hands-On Organizing Clients Get 2 Additional Hours Of Hands-On Organizing For FREE At The End Of Their First 6-Hour Hands-On Organizing Session!

Organized! by Romanic® used to refund that $250 initial consult fee but found that to be a bookkeeping headache. If Organized! by Romanic® does not come back to do hands-on organizing, the $250 fee is fair compensation for the time, gasoline, and information provided during the consultation. Consults generally last approximately 2 hours in a single family home. It may not take as long to walk through when the client lives in an apartment or condo, but these clients still pay the $250 because on the first day that Organized! by Romanic® comes back to do 6 or more hours of hands-on organizing, these clients get that money back and then some in the form of 2 additional hours of free hands-on organizing.