A welcoming guest room

Making plans

This client was a recently retired teacher who was thinking about renting out some unused rooms for extra income.

Transforming extra things into nice guest room

Organized! by Romanic® re-arranged the shelving units the client already had in the two bedrooms and then brought in an unused chair from another part of the house. The client also had an unused sleep sofa that Organized! by Romanic® had moved upstairs to the second bedroom. All a renter would need to add was a microwave and a small fridge. Otherwise, the two rooms would be a comfortable space for the client’s adult children to stay when they came home to visit.

A comfortable space

This client had everything she needed to provide a very comfortable space for either a house guest or a renter. Many times Organized! by Romanic® finds the answer to a client’s clutter problem in another room of the client’s home.